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Will Illumi events be cancelled due to inclement weather?

llumi is open and the event goes on regardless of the weather. For safety reasons, we may at times be forced to cancel certain activities due to extreme conditions where wind gusts reach 60km/h. If this happens, announcements will be posted on social media and on the Illumi website. Otherwise, Illumi remains open, rain or shine.

Are pets allowed on the Illumi site?

Only properly identified service dogs are allowed on the Illumi site.

Is outside food allowed on the site?

Food from outside is not allowed, given that Illumi offers a wide range of food choices to meet your needs through a wide variety of restaurants and food trucks.

Is there a place on-site to warm up?

A number of different warming areas are provided for visitors.

Can people with reduced mobility move easily and safely around the Illumi site?

Yes. All areas of the Illumi site are accessible. Please note, however, that weather conditions might make some areas more slippery, so be cautious when moving around. As well, getting through the crowds around the exhibitors’ booths might be more difficult on very busy days.

Can people with reduced mobility get to the Illumi site on public transit or specialized transit?

Absolutely. The STL buses providing shuttle service between Montmorency metro station and the Illumi site are accessible for people with reduced mobility. A passenger drop-off area for specialized transit is also available so that our visitors with specific needs have direct, safe access to Illumi.

Lost and found

If you lose something during your visit to Illumi, let us know by email:
Found items will be held for a maximum of 2 months, after which all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Is smoking allowed on the Illumi site?

Illumi is a non-smoking site. Smoking and vaping are not permitted during your visit.
Clearly marked smoking areas will, however, be available at a few on-site locations.

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