Christmas Village - Illumi

Christmas Village

The Christmas Village is Illumi’s central gathering place, showcasing merchants, craftspeople and gourmet delights around a gigantic tree of sparkling lights.


*Please note that some merchants may be closed during your visit at Illumi.

1) Event Area

Two exclusive heated tents that can accommodate up to 500 people, banquet-style, for your corporate events and holiday celebrations.

2) The World’s Largest Tree of Lights

Majestic Tree of Lights standing 47 meters high – as tall as the Statue of Liberty!

3) Merchants and Craftspeople

Our gathering of merchants, local producers and craftspeople will offer you all sorts of tasty tidbits and interesting finds, perfect for giving.

4) The Firepit

The perfect place to relax and warm up around the fire with your friends and family.

5) VIP Area

Exclusive area with heated VIP tent and patio

6) Eating Area

Gourmet Area with a selection of restaurants and food trucks in a covered court where you can sit and enjoy your meal in comfort

7) Entrance to the Dazzling World of Lights

Entrance to the Dazzling World of Lights

The Tree of Lights

The emblem of Illumi visible at
kilometers around.

Like a lighthouse, the majestic tree of lights enchants you as soon as you arrive on the site and immerses you in the world of Illumi by its presence, magic and luminosity, for the most beautiful experience of the holiday season.

47m high

The size of the Statue of Liberty

28,000 light and interactive spheres
A park under the top of the tree of lights

With games and interactive devices all in lights

Gourmet Area

Discover the range of culinary options that Illumi has to offer and let our partner restaurants delight your taste buds.


Our Merchants and Craftspeople

Do your holiday shopping in an enchanting setting and discover refined artisanal products offered by our exhibitors.

Enter the Dazzling World of Lights

Wend your way with family or friends to the Dazzling World of Lights, a whimsically immersive pathway where monumental illuminated sculptures populate eight different fantastical worlds.

Buy your tickets

Book your time slot today and let yourself be dazzled by Illumi!



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