Special edition

This year, explore illumi in two ways…

Drive-Through Experience

Illumi offers a safe, three-kilometre driving route for visitors to experience the magic of this nocturnal adventure cozied up in their family bubble.

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Walking Experience

A safe, clearly delineated 3 kilometres walking path lets visitors admire each universe of the Dazzling World of Lights’ walkway on foot.

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Please read these important instructions to follow in order to be amazed, in complete safety, during your experience on foot at Illumi:

  • At all times, you must maintain a physical distance of 2 meters from other Illumi visitors.
  • If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the Illumi site.
  • You must respect the on-site signages at all times, including the rules related to COVID-19.
  • You must wear a face mask or a face covering at all times throughout the Illumi site.
  • Any type of gathering is prohibited.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow
  • Wash and disinfect your hands at the stations provided for this purpose.
  • Please respect the queues which have been specially arranged for physical distancing and only use the clearly marked entrances and exits for this purpose.
  • Our outdoor, nocturnal and winter pedestrian route is subject to the vagaries of weather conditions such as wind, rain, snow, ice, darkness and others. Please be careful at all times and wear appropriate clothing, boots and accessories for these types of conditions.
  • Stay on the one-way walking path at all times.

Special edition

A brand new, totally dazzling experience

New worlds to discover

The newly configured route offers 10 new universes for a total of 18 amazing scenes in the Dazzling World of Lights.

An experience that has tripled in size

Illumi is on the same site in Laval, but is now three times bigger than the original. 20 million LED bulbs bring more than 30,000 light structures to life.

Have fun in complete safety!

The only major event now open in America, and the safest outdoor activity!

18 fantastic universes

  • The Enchanted Forest

    The Illumi experience begins in the woods on a lighted path in the middle of the forest where the fauna, flora and lights magically blend to mark the beginning of an enchanting journey. A world of sparkling, towering dandelions emerges everywhere in this lush, multicoloured landscape among which millions of fireflies illuminate the night.

    Presented by
    The Enchanted Forest
  • The Kingdom of Snakes

    They are quick, majestic and everywhere! They slither silently to hide from predators or to capture their prey. But have no fear! These 250-odd snakes, covered in thousands of scintillating yellow lights, are only here to capture your imagination. All too often seen as symbols of fear, these snakes instead represent wisdom, composure and agility. They wish you nothing but well. Forget snake charmers. These cobras will charm you as soon as you enter the gates to their kingdom.

    Presented by
    in collaboration with
    The Kingdom of Snakes
  • The Scarlet Spiders

    Enter at your own risk! Hundreds of gargantuan red tarantulas have shamelessly invaded the Illumi site. The monstrous matriarch and her progeny of 250 invertebrate predators are sure to give you goosebumps. Between beauty and repulsion, fear and laughter, love and hate, these omnipresent spiders reign supreme.

    Presented by
    The Scarlet Spiders
  • The Magical Forest

    Hundreds of multicoloured trees of all shapes and sizes, constructed from thousands of glittering lights, set the mood for this kaleidoscopic scene. The mysterious underbrush is filled with colorful mushrooms, giant snails and nimble flying squirrels. The life-sized Tyrannosaurus rex and the Velociraptor are making their first appearance at Illumi, inviting a rather breathtaking evening encounter. A world of wonder awaits you in the magical forest.

    Co-presented by
    The Magical Forest
  • Jurassic Pathway

    Make way for Tyrannosaurus rex and the velociraptor at Illumi! They’re guaranteed to take your breath away! Standing at their natural height, these automated dinosaurs will stun you with their magnificent poise and shock you with their roars as they try to keep you from reaching the Illumi Tree. It’s up to you to dodge their attack and get past them. The Jurassic Pathway will immerse you in a scene worthy of a Hollywood blockbuster movie!

    Co-presented by
    Jurassic Pathway
  • The Illumi Tree

    The icon of Illumi—a majestic, 47-metre tree of lights the size of the Statue of Liberty—can be seen for kilometres around. Like a lighthouse, this monumental tree guides you to the biggest light event on the planet. Composed of 28,000 luminous, interactive spheres, the tree of lights draws visitors into the Illumi universe with its personality, magic and mesmerizing glow. Take a break midway along your journey to enjoy the tree as you indulge in one of the many selections available from the food trucks.

    The Illumi Tree
  • The Cavalia Horses

    A colossal herd of 200 equines inspired by Cavalia’s white horses awaits you in this alternate world, for an epic imaginary ride filled with beauty, mystery, majesty and horsepower. These inseparable companions, constructed from thousands of dazzling lights, are reminiscent of the gracefulness of Cavalia’s equestrian stars who made the show a worldwide success. And you’ll get to see the real Cavalia horses romp about freely and merrily thanks to the magic of a water screen and fantastical projections.

    Presented by
    The Cavalia Horses
  • The Tunnel of Colors

    The light is not just at the end of the tunnel. Light plays an integral role in this Illumi corridor, where anything is possible. The 65-metre kaleidoscopic light tunnel—the most impressive light tunnel ever created—was specially designed to offer drivers a totally topsy-turvy light experience. While you’re simply driving toward the exit, the tunnel’s tricks of light are transforming reality into a colourful adventure where space and time cease to exist.

    Presented by
    The Tunnel of Colors
  • The Frolic Boulevard

    Dive into the American world of excess. Journey along the Frolic Boulevard and contemplate the mind-blowing bungalows of this imaginary neighbourhood, spotlighting Hollywood movies and famous athletes with brand new programming technology. Many other small houses will immerse you in dreams and travel, from Pisa to Toronto via Rio and Montréal. Admire the world’s greatest towers. Meet up in the Far West or in an area populated by pets and domesticated animals. Programmable LED bulbs light up these pixelated structures while the music varies thematically from one house to the next.

    Presented by
    in collaboration with
    The Frolic Boulevard
  • The Fantastic Waterfall

    More than 1,000 programmable LED bulbs give shape to a dizzying, enchanted waterfall required to sustain the thousands of animals and inhabitants living at Illumi. The mesmerizing, 100-metre long cascade spills down the 6-metre Illumi mountain toward the Frolic Boulevard. The sound of the falling water provides a peaceful, mystical ambiance.

    The original Tunnel of Lights, dedicated to walking experience visitors that caused a sensation during Illumi’s first edition, now crosses paths with this breathtaking waterfall.

    Presented by
    in collaboration with
    The Fantastic Waterfall
  • Fashion and Lights





    Presented by
    Fashion and Lights
  • The magic maples

    Discover Quebec’s greatest traditions through the red and orange maple leaves that literally illuminate the sky and dance to the folkloric music of yesteryear. The chicken coop, barn and farm animals honour rural Quebec in a tableau even larger than that of the first edition.

    Presented by
    The magic maples
  • The Grand Mery-go-round Square

    Enter the Grand Square where several animated elements will remain etched in your memory and where the magical white horses of the mechanical merry-go-round gently trot and enthrall you to captivating music beneath the moonlight. Amid the French, Belgian and German facades, bathed in the glow of the streetlights, you’ll stand in awe of the mesmerizing symphony of colours. An electrifying European immersion.

    Presented by
    En collaboration
    The Grand Mery-go-round Square
  • The Garden of Wonders

    The largest scene in Illumi’s second edition plunges you into a wave of radiant colours while a carpet of 500,000 LED bulbs enlivens a vast clearing. Slowly, gently, several tens of thousands of flowers—roses, tulips and sunflowers—blossom to the rhythm of the music and appear throughout the scene to sow an incomparable, indescribable memory of a colour-soaked garden.

    Presented by
    The Garden of Wonders
  • The Easter World

    Adorable bunnies leap amongst oversized Easter eggs and multicoloured flowers in a fantasy world that celebrates spring. Look up and also admire the sky illuminated with bright stars that will make you dream on those balmy April evenings.

    Presented by
    In collaboration with
    The Easter World
  • The Infinite Poles

    One of the favorite universes of the first edition is back by popular demand in an expanded format. This is where you lose your bearings, where these icy boundaries become blurry and reflections create an illusion of a boundless universe. Travel through this infinite, stalagmite-covered forest, where emperor penguins, polar bears and whales intermingle among the igloos.

    Presented by
    The Infinite Poles
  • The multicolored Savana

    Visit the only place on Earth where you can enjoy a light safari with the planet’s most majestic animals. The savanna, now improved and even denser than in the first edition, hosts even more animal species of every colour whose only desire is to join the party. Under the gaze of herds of elephants and zebras, raise your head to admire the splendid giraffes. Contemplate the flamboyant flamingos among the multicoloured trees. Fall under the trance of the charming swans. Mingle with dromedaries, camels, hippos and rhinoceroses, which will surely bring a smile to your face.

    Presented by
    in collaboration with
    The multicolored Savana
  • The Paper Forest

    This stylized forest populated by giant conifers highlights nature’s elements through a veil of perfection. The clean, simple lines and surfaces of the structures, such as pyramids and dodecahedrons, luminously crown the treetops and blend perfectly with trunks as straight as posts. This magnificent forest brings order to natural chaos. Designed like luminous origami in various shades of green, it calls to mind the beautiful forests of Quebec.

    Presented by
    The Paper Forest
  • Fiesta de la Luz

    Forget the winter weather and enjoy the warm rhythms of Mexico’s illuminated mariachis. Celebrate the power and warmth of the kaleidoscopic lights. But beware of the exotic insects and animals from down south. Discover masks inspired by the Mayans and Incas of Latin America.

    Presented by
    in collaboration with
    Fiesta de la Luz
  • The Illumi mini train




    Presented by
    The Illumi mini train

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