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Illumi – A Dazzling World of Lights by Cavalia


The new holiday tradition in Laval


Illumi is a magical, captivating and extraordinary nocturnal outdoor journey created from thousands of monumental light sculptures.

As darkness falls, Illumi ignites the night with more than 10 million brilliant lights, the largest multimedia sound and light show on the planet.
Eight fantastical worlds that create an unforgettable and breathtaking experience, made all the more wonderful by being shared with others.
Illumi is also the Christmas Market, a gathering of merchants, craftspeople and gourmet delights gathered around a gigantic tree of sparkling lights.
Millions and millions of brilliant lights

Click each icon to discover the 8 worlds of Illumi

The Many Colours of the Savanna

This is the only place in the world where you can do a walking safari among the majestic wild animals of Africa. Stretch your neck to admire the giraffes in all their splendour, closely eyed by herds of elephants and zebras. Enjoy flamboyant flamingos in the multi-coloured trees and be dazzled by the majestic swans.

Frolic on the Boulevard

Dive into the America of excess, where consumer goods reign. Frolic on the Boulevard and gaze at the hallucinatory bungalows of this imaginary district where Hollywood and beloved sports stars take over the limelight – literally. A number of other homes will spark your imagination and dreams of travel: from Pisa to Toronto, Rio to Montréal, admire the biggest towers in the world. Head to the Far West and enjoy the Western vibe, visit farm and domestic animals, then go on over to the sugar shack and the Choir House. Prepare to laugh at your own fascinations.

Magic Lanterns

Watched over by a fabulous imperial dragon, discover the stately soldiers and valiant cavalry of the emperors. Walk through traditional arches surrounded by giant brightly hued flowers, bamboo and charming pandas. Stroll into the pagoda and admire the school of immense goldfish.

Feliz Navidad

Feel free to dance to the bright mariachis, but watch out for the insects and exotic animals: shivers and admiration. Never have you seen such a big piñata! Continue on your journey, evading hundreds of big scarlet tarantulas from the South.

Infinite Poles

This is where the boundaries between North and South are lost. In these frozen landscapes, penguins mix with whales and igloos inhabit an infinite forest of stalagmites.

Santa’s Real Home

Although the man with the white beard and plump belly has returned to the North Pole, two reindeer proud of their antlers welcome you into a magical holiday universe. Walk through a multitude of sugar canes, shake the snowman’s hand and take some selfies with the Christmas dwarfs all in lights!

Dreaming of the Star

On screens that blend in with the starry night come watch a luminous tale that will take you deep into a magical quest to pick the brightest star in the heavens. A brother and sister embark on a journey to fulfill their wish to find the light that makes Christmas come alive again.

The Merry-Go-Round Square

In the centre of the Market Square, mount a magical white horse on a fabulous merry-go-round and ride to bewitching music in the moonlight. In the middle of many facades of Belgium, France and Germany, immerse yourself in symphony of colours and admire the glowing lights of the streetlamps. An electrifying immersion in Europe.

Christmas Village


The Christmas Village is an area where you can shop, have a bite to eat, share special moments with your loved ones and marvel at the world’s largest Tree of Lights.


Thank you to The Société de Transport de Laval, Illumi’s official transit provider, who has offered a free shuttle service, every 20 minutes during our hours of operation, between the Montmorency metro station and the entrance of Illumi’s site.


Just a few clicks will give you all the information you need to plan your electrifying visit!